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Dry Chemical System

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The ATEX Explo-Guard High Rate Discharge (HRD) Dry Chemical Suppressor Sub-System is the next generation of revolutionary reliable and cost effective chemical suppressionsuppressors. The engineers at ATEX were given two basic principals by which to design the suppressor. First it needed to be reliable and second it must be cost effective. An analysis of existing products found them to be either reliable or cost effective but not both. They knew the valve had to be totally different than the existing designs. Finally they produced the ATEX Explo-Guard HRD Suppressor. A simple mechanical valve with redundant firing, requiring minimal part replacement after activation and major advances in cost control for initial and operational costs. The final benefit is that it is retrofitable to old style detonator, single release systems with high recondition costs. Plus it can replace Halon 1011 or Halon 1301 systems and use the existing HRD saving major retrofit costs.
Suppresses flame and pressure propagation.
Does not release combustion or toxic dust particles into the air.
Can be used inside all plant areas regard less of ventilation.
Reduces Maintenance and Operational Cost.
User maintenance and operation.
True redundant release for system reliability.
Does Not Require Explosive Permits and Licenses.
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