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Explosion Doors

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Thorwesten Air-Cushioned Explosion Doors provide a self-re-closing vent for process equipment. This feature can mitigate fire damage in vessels protected with these devices.

Thorwesten explosion doors open against one or more baffle plates to provide an air cushion to absorb the shock of the explosion. After venting, the door re-closes and the unique door catches reseal the vent opening. Standard vents allow increased air supply to the protected vessel increasing the damage potential to a vessel such as a dust collector. But the Thorwesten Explosion Doors after re-closing, deprives the vessel of air through the opening, mitigating the damage from fire.
√ Lower cost of operation.
√ Short down time.
√ Self re-closure mitigates fire damage.
√ Good insulation - no condensation
√ Low Mass allows high effective area.


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