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ATEX Float Valve

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To meet the need ATEX developed its clean out technology in a passive oriented system. A valve that could meet the product flow requirements of today’s processes. The system would by Patent Pending Design clean out the isolation seal eliminating consideration of powder being compressed by the closure and allowing flame to pass. In addition many passive devices had additional problems with respect to air flow and pressure release. The ATEX pressure adjustment system compensates for process flow conditions allowing the pressure setting to be based on a differential between the normal process air flow and the flow and pressure associated with a deflagration. As promised with the ATEX Passive Explosion Protection System there is a passive solution to explosion protection.

  • Totally Passive approach eliminating the costly maintenance associated with active detection or monitored systems.
  • Flexible use of venting approaches. Eliminates the low Pred requirement of some Flap and Pinch style valves.
  • Eliminates Powder Blockage considerations from product fallout with clean-out technology. Monitoring of product build up not required.
  • Field Flow and Pressure Adjustments to meet the most stringent process flow considerations.


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