Explosion diverters provide a cost effective means of mitigating the propagation of an explosion through ductwork. The relief vents are fitted into connecting pipes to separate subsequent apparatus in the event of a hazard. If an explosion happens in the equipment, the flat closes immediately, and disconnects the area con-cerned from the other apparatus. Transmission of the explosive pressure is interrupted, and the propa-gation of sparks therefore largely avoided. With the pressure relief vent you therefore protect your pipelines effectively from explosion transfer.


- Reliable protection in the event of explosions
- Immediate availability following an explosion through automatic or manual closure of the flap cover
- Economical construction
- Adjustable spring-loaded device to hold the cover
- Trigger pressure adjusted at the factory
- Self-closing explosion door.
- Passive system requires no electrical controls.
- Sentinel switches to electrically signal other devices e.g. extinguishing barriers, emergency plant shutdown etc.
- Requires little or no reconditioning after an explosion.nection)

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