Hot Water System

The ATEX Explo-Guard Hot Water Atomizer (HWA) Suppressor Sub-System is the next generation protection option. The engineers at ATEX were given two basic principals by which to design the new HWA suppressor. First it needed to be reliable, second it must handle large volumes without expensive dry chemical costs. An analysis of existing suppression products found them to be reliable but ineffective and costly when used in large volumes. The engineers knew the valve had to be totally different than the existing designs. The final product the ATEX Explo-Guard HWA Suppressor. A simple mechanical valve with redundant firing, requiring minimal part replacement after activation and major advances in cost control for initial and operational costs. For an agent they used hot super-pressurized water a uniquely effective suppressant totally rechargable with readily available tap water.
  • Suppresses flame and pressure propagation.
  • Does not release combustion or toxic dust particles into the air.
  • Can be used inside all plant areas regard less of ventilation.
  • Reduces Maintenance and Operational Cost.
  • User maintenance and operation.
  • True redundant release for system reliability.
  • Low cost plentiful water as suppressant.
  • No agent replacement cost on reconditioning.
  • Provides protection in occupied areas where other agents present a problem.


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