Dry Chemical System

The Explosion Suppression System AIS (Advanced Inerting System) from ATEX gives protection where combustion and the subsequent explosion pressure could exceed the strength of your production facility. The combustion reaction is detected at its very early stages and its propagation extinguished. The growing explosion is suppressed by a quick release of an appropriate extinguishant into the combustion zone. The goal is to restrict the expansion of the explosion and thus to keep the consequences to a minimum.

Safe operation, low cost of ownership and quick Refurbishment


• Additional safety during assembly and exchange of the bottles by a manual locking system.
• Quick and low-cost refurbishment through reusable release valves
• Simple exchange system with reusable valves and the ATEX quick-release plug connection
• Time and cost-effective reconditioning
• Safe handling of release valve through a completely encapsulated release mechanism
• The addressable system gives full control of all installed components
• Complete supervision of the protection system locally and /or via the ATEX remote communication module with competent ATEX Service locations worldwide.
• Permanent event data storage



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