Improve Product Quality and Process Output

DewPoint Measurement

Help identify the optimal process parameters i.e. humidity and temperature.

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Venting Solutions

Venting Panels and Flameless Vents

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Hot Water Suppression System

For Hygiene Conscious Application

Sophisticated Algorithm

Eliminating False Discharge

Dry Chemical Suppression

Effective Suppression and Isolation Solution

Fast Active Isolation Valve

Fast Acting, Gas Tight

The World Largest Test Vessel

145 cubic meter and 17.6 bar Pressure Vessel

Totally Passive

Isolation System

ATEX Float Valve

Passive Explosion Isolation Valve

Explosion Suppression & Isolation

The ATEX Explo-Guard High Rate Discharge (HRD) Dry Chemical Suppressor Sub-System is the next generation of revolutionary reliable and cost effective chemical suppressors. The engineers at ATEX were given two basic principals by which to design the suppressor. First it needed to be reliable and second it must be cost effective...Read More

Early Fire Detection

ATEX CO Systems can detect the incipient development of a fire by sensing and comparing the inlet and outlet air for CO content. The System monitors the process air for the presence of volatile pyrolysis components, immediately registering these indications of thermal decomposition or of smoulder spot development.

Active Protection and Isolation

New Quick Sliding Valve

The ATEX Quick Sliding Valve uses Gas Generators to close the valve if a deflagration is detected as provided with most new systems. But additionally ATEX valves are provided with...

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Air Activated Quick Sliding Valve

The quick closing valve is part of an active explosion isolation system. In the event of ignition, it is activated by solenoid valves. Air flows out of a compressed air...

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Hot Water System

The ATEX Explo-Guard Hot Water Atomizer (HWA) Suppressor Sub-System is the next generation protection option. The engineers at ATEX were given two basic principals by which to design the new...

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Dry Chemical System

The Explosion Suppression System AIS (Advanced Inerting System) from ATEX gives protection where combustion and the subsequent explosion pressure could exceed the strength of your production facility. The combustion reaction...

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Passive Protection & Isolation

Flameless Vent

The Q-Pipe (now also available as a Q-Box) Flameless Vent System was developed in response to a specific need, i.e. explosion venting inside buildings. Traditional explosion venting technologies require a safe venting area...

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ATEX Float Valve

To meet the need of the powder industry, ATEX developed its cleanout technology in a passive oriented system. A valve that could meet the product flow requirements of today’s processes...

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Explosion diverters provide a cost effective means of mitigating the propagation of an explosion through ductwork. The relief vents are fitted into connecting pipes to separate subsequent apparatus in the...

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Explosion Doors

Thorwesten Air-Cushioned Explosion Doors provide a self-re-closing vent for process equipment. This feature can mitigate fire damage in vessels protected with these devices.

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Bursting Discs

ATEX Easy Vents combine reliability and fast opening times. The all-in-one bursting element ensures lightweight construction and thus fast opening. The higher service life allows use under the toughest of conditions...

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Dew Point Measurement

The Process exhaust air is sucked at a pressure of 700m barg at the process temperature using an insulated heated sampling probe. The gas sample passes through this tube which...

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Spark Detection System

Using GreCon Systems ATEX can provide a custom engineered spark detection system to detect and suppress sparks and burning embers as they travel down ductwork preventing them from entering process...

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Early CO Detection System

The ACOM Detection System continuously analyses in and outlet airstreams of a drying process for volatile pyrolysis matter, thus detecting the earliest signs of thermal decomposition and the formation of...

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