ATEX Explosion Protection

ATEX Explosion Protection

ATEX Explosion Protection

ATEX Expertise:
1-  Explosion Prevention systems
2-  Explosion Isolation Systems
3-  Explosion Venting Systems
4-  Explosion Suppression

Our Commitment To You
1- Full line product options to meet your facility needs
2- Systems based on your needs not our product
3- Cost effective designs and pricing
4- Low maintenance and operational cost




Explosion Protection For The Dairy

Food Industry


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Focus and Product Offering

Spray Dryer Explosion Protection

Now we have a system designed around your application and not around dust collectors. ATEX Hot Water Advanced Inerting

Systems provide an extremely effective method forprotection of spray dryers without the high cost and clean up required with

the dry chemical agents. Also because the water is released at high temperature the dryer is not subject to the thermal shock

of Cold water Systems. Low operational and recondition costs make this the ideal system for large volume spray dryers.

CO Detection

ACOM System monitors the process air for the presence of volatile pyrolysis components, immediately registering these

indications of thermal decomposition or of smolder spot development. The system detects a difference of 1 ppm.

Self-ignition processes are detected as soon as they start. in this way, it can be stopped effectively.

CO Early Fire Detection System Demonstration

QPEX Flameless Venting

The Q-Pipe Flameless Explosion Vent is a safe indoor venting solution for explosion protection of indoor processes.

It uses a stainless steel mesh filter to quench vented explosions and arrest flames.


Available Sizes:

Q-Pex 8"   DN200    
Q-Pex 12" DN300  
Q-Pex 16" DN400    
Q-Pex 20" DN500    
Q-Pex 24" DN600   
Q-Pex 28" DN700

Q-Pex 32" DN800

Ideal for small volume venting inside buildings.
Low cost installation.
Stand-alone, passive protection system.
Single integrated unit reduces the need for costly suppression systems.
Full compliance with NFPA and European requirements.


1 - ATEX sister company Inburex Consulting services specializes in the prevention and protection of facilities from fires and

explosions.They have been specializing in Sugar processing since events in 2006. Their research includes not only a review

of prevention and protection methods but a detailed analysis of the effect of the system on your facility.

To help our valued customers we are offering a reduced cost independent survey of one or more of your facilities.

Please review there web site and if interested please contact us at your convenience by filling out our questionnaire.

2 - ATEX has understood the concerns exhibited by sugar and other processing facilities with respect to prevention and protection

alternatives. We are offering a series of webinars to update our users to the new and current prevention and protection methods.

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